And Other Stories

by What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?

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The first full length album by What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? with special bonus tracks, "So Mean (live)", "April Pearl (live)", and "The Tower (instrumental)."

"Mr. Fox deserves your attention. When I listen to their album, I feel like I’m hearing a soundtrack of musical theater. Clever, outre, cool strings, hot vocals…" - Michele Kort, music reviewer for The Advocate, editor for Ms. Magazine, and author of "Soul Picnic: The Music and Passion of Laura Nyro"

"Think of the otherworldly pipes of Antony Hegarty of Antony and the Johnsons, take away the Tiny Tim twinge, fuse it with the urgent phrasing of a slam poet and you’ve got Brian King of What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? King’s ethereal voice helps define the sound of eclectic cabaret kings, and with strong musical support from gifted, poly-instrumental partner-in-the-sublime Nathan Cohen, the Boston-based duo turns their debut album, "...And Other Stories," into something great.

King (guitar, piano, Rhodes) and Cohen (violin, viola, trumpet, glock) split playing duties, backed up by a whole host of talented supporting players, including Mike Leggio on upright bass and electric bass, Kristin Miller on cello and drummers Nate Greenslit (HUMANWINE) and Russ Lawton (Trey Anastasio).

From the kinetic and haunting opening track, "Fisher King," to the Psycho-styled, all-string capper, "March Of The Hares," this follow-up to their live 2005 EP "Songs For The Tin Man" is a triumph of mood and style, an unforgettable musical, theatrical and emotional experience.

Other highlights in the beautifully orchestrated, mostly minor-key mix include the manic "Horror Cartoon," a clever musical and lyrical patchwork, a la Oingo Boingo in a smoking jacket. "So Mean" is a ballad for the ages, and "Derailed" is easily the catchiest of the whole lot. However, while it is easy to extol the joys of each track, this work, like Mr. Fox’s live shows, is best experienced as one marathon groove. The album is a glorious addition to any collection." - Robert Newton, Edge Boston

“And Other Stories”/What Time Is It Mr. Fox? (Poison Peach) – Bostonian acoustic-noir collective What Time Is It Mr. Fox? is on its way to you. Led by out ‘n proud singer/songwriter Brian King, the Fox’s striking music melds elements of soul, chamber-pop and cabaret with a sense of international flair. King’s sometimes harrowing dissertation on truth and beauty reads like an inspired collaboration between Maurice Sendak and Mother Goose… with a forward by Stephen Merritt and an epilogue from Tori Amos. And yet, the disc remains accessible, complete with memorable characters, well-placed hooks and rib-sticking melodies." - Gay Chicago Magazine

"'and other stories' by the Boston band What Time is it, Mr. Fox? is a great collection of well-crafted, carefully polished and tastefully restrained pop/rock songs that just happens to contain liberal doses of violin, trumpet, accordion and cello.

Vocalist Brian King has a strong, rich voice that you can imagine fronting a band any time during the last 50 years or so. His vocals are always full and emotive, helping the band wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Honestly the only reason I can see that you don't hear this on the radio is that it is too heartfelt and and not plastic enough to be sold as a simple product.

Stand out track: the full-blossomed soul of 'Fruitless'"



released April 14, 2009



all rights reserved


What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? Boston, Massachusetts

Baroque pop meets neo-soul in a steamer trunk.

"Time has come for Mr. Fox" Boston Herald
"Catch him as his star rises" Time Out NYC

Brian King - voice, guitar, keys
Nathan Cohen - violin, trumpet
Mike Leggio - upright bass
Lori Perkins - hammond organ, piano
Nate Greenslit - drums
The Furies
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Track Name: Fisher King
fisher king

he's got eyes like jesus and a smile like the devil
lord, how he teases - make an old soul tremble
don't walk away
babe, don't talk that all the time
fisher king, if you give me just one thing
better give me peace of mind

you come thundering like horses
red fire coursing through your blood
then you shower me with roses
i lie naked in the thorns of your love
you say your love is god
can turn my water into wine
well, fisher king, if you give me just one thing
better give me peace of mind

you've come to tempt my faith
come to grind me down to something pure
you've come to drink my grace
until i'm crawling on the bedroom floor
a tongue so sweet
can turn so bitter and unkind
fisher king, if you give me just one thing
better give me peace of mind

so you've come to show me the sun
but when you're done
you're gonna leave me blind
fisher king, you give me just one thing
better give me peace of mind
Track Name: Gospel of Beauty

Such tender grace
Such a sad and handsome face
Devastates the room
It’s a cruel reminder
If I open any wider
I’m sure to be consumed

It’s the gospel of beauty
All your sins melt away
And I’ll forget how you almost killed me
I’ll forget the price I’ve had to pay

Such nobility
Brings us to our knees
And humbles our scheming minds
Now you re-appear
As if we’ve sleepwalked the years
We rush to form a line

Repeat Chorus

And everyone imagines
That with you they share some
Secret connection
But you’re not here
To offer us redemption
No you’re just a
Lovely fire
We feed
With our desire
Track Name: Horror Cartoon
Horror Cartoon

Little boy gets all that he wishes for
Little boy, his eyes are like open sores
Gazing for days at the television screen
Big brilliant colors make his little heart scream

The dogs that beat him up
Machines that spit him out
Fun-filled fantasies that he cannot live without
Explosions from a hydrogen balloon
Life inside a horror cartoon

Mother buys books for Johnny to read
Mother tries, but she cannot succeed
Johnny won’t sleep, or eat, or go to class
Little boy trapped inside the TV glass

The cakes that explode
The upside down carousel
Johnny cannot escape this hanna-barbera hell
Tonight a huge talking baboon
Life within a horror cartoon

Jumping from windows
Landing splat on the ground
With a soft squishy sound
Walking on water
No worry, no pain
Inside your disney brain

Little boy gets just what he wishes for
Little boy is a boy no more
Liquid skin and painted eyes
Now won’t his mom be real surprised

The shapes that he can be!
The things that he can do!
Now don’t you wish
That rubberband boy was you?
Day and night, morning and noon
Life is but a horror cartoon
Track Name: The Fog

It’s ringing and ringing
And there’s no one home
And your stinger’s still stinging
And I’m all alone

Streetlights flashing
And I can’t sleep
And all your eggs are hatching
I try to count sheep

One too many times
I thought your love would keep

You are the fog
I’m blind when you speak
The air becomes heavy
And think with heat
I laugh to myself
You’ll never let me through
You become lost to me
Like I’m lost on you
Track Name: Hanging In A Tree
Hanging in a tree

Hanging in a tree
Waiting for the search party
Oh, the price you pay is time
When you’re arrogant like me
And you think that you can fly

So I’m hanging in a tree
And I’m waiting to be found
Oh, the way they’ll talk to me
When I’m finally cut down

Oh, you rescued me
From my last disaster
You gave me a reason
To fuck up faster
Oh, you carried me
From the burning debris
And proved your love to me
In the soft green pasture

Lots of light
I think they’re coming
Almost in sight
The dogs are running
When they find me
They should leave me alone
And turn back for home
Leave me
Hanging in a tree
Track Name: April Pearl

Lay down your opera glass
On the table at your feet
Close your stinging eyes
And hold back a heartbeat
Pushing pulling tides whitewash many a girl
But never the insides of our April Pearl

Crouched in a pantomime corner
The rabbit’s hole appears on the ground
It’s so easy to dive in one more time
and fall down…

Tumbling the stairs
A glass ball reflects the light
Her eyes are like curtains
That rise on opening night
They tear and they scream at ribbons and curls
But only we dream of our April Pearl

Cigarette smoke in the darkness
Like dragons all grasping for air
It’s so sad for those who cannot be heartless
And cry an unspoken prayer

Another shell opened to let in the world
How easily broken is our April Pearl?

And you blush as we run for cover
You save the rush for Hamlet’s mother
Hamlet’s mother
Track Name: So Mean
So Mean

You're so mean to me
Oh, you make me feel so sad
You're so mean to me
Why you treat me so bad

Everybody knows that love is cruel
And everybody knows that I'm your fool
But you're so mean to me
I can be mean too
Track Name: Derailed

You got on this train again, my friend
Now you’ve got to stay till the end
I went under that kitchen table recommended by you
Then you pushed me off like an uncomfortable shoe
You made a floor creak and suddenly I’m bearing your shame
I knew from beginning that I didn’t like this game

But you got on this train again, my friend
Now you’ve got to stay till the very end
I fell hard for that serenade you used to do
A clever charade, Rimbaud and Verlaine (Who shot who?)
You heard a door creak and suddenly, I’m Captain Hook
Well, I knew all along you were playing that rook

I guess you got a little derailed, yes
Off that straight train track trail, yes
I think you got a little derailed, yes
Found you like the taste of puppy dog tail

You stretched out on your brother’s bed
and smiled like a cat
Little army men running down your back
Now if we examine this,
are there any details you care to list?
I can feel your eyes glaring at me like fists
Should I say any more about this?


That beanbag got between us
Our hands played hide-n-seek
I found your Mount of Venus
Your heart line’s looking weak
Ask 50 Magdelenes
And try to be discreet

Is this a secret I should keep?
Complete discretion…
All the tension…
I’ll testify to my own resurrection